The first wellness brand for brides

Why choose between your "perfect day" and your sanity?

Society makes it seem like planning a wedding is all butterflies and fireworks, but no one prepares you for:

...your family and friendship dynamics changing

... bridesmaids disappearing


... feeling like you have lost your voice because of everyones opinions on what YOUR day should look like.

Isn't it time for you to make yourself a PRIORITY ?

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Community building

Our mission is to create awareness for melanated brides and their support system focused on the importance of prioritizing mental health while wedding planning, to provide a platform to interact with others and to create a community specifically to uplift this change. Whether you are a bridal or wellness brand looking to collaborate, a past bride looking to share your story, or a planning bride, we would love to hear from you!


Why You Need This...

Sis, let's plan this wedding is the first wellness wedding planner created just for you in mind. Whether you are an eloping bride with a shorter timeline and a simple vision, all the way to a luxe bride looking to make your day as unique as possible, this brand is for YOU.

We have partnered with over TEN doctors, lawyers, wellness, and wedding professionals to provide not only products with curated advice, but services that promote health, wellness, and building community.

What our community is saying...


This brand is so needed in the wedding and event industry. I've been a wedding photographer for 13 years and I can tell you some stories okay?! So proud of you for recognizing it and taking action! I am definitely going to gift this, suggest itI, EVERYTHING, to all of my future brides!!

Iris M.
Washington, DC

There are soooo many stressers for those planning weddings that involve the little details, opinions of others, entitlement, or things can potentially go wrong that brides focus on and there is not much support for the wellness of brides. I think this is SUCH a great idea and would love to be involved!! I only wish this had been around sooner.

Alexis H. M.D. PhD
Baltimore, MD

I think the most important thing is to stay connected to the joy of the process and work with your partner in getting very clear boundaries. I love this idea, thought, and care behind your wellness brand!

Joy H. B. PhD
Therapy for Black Girls

Where were y'all when I said "forget it" and canceled my wedding. Haha. We just went on a huge vacation, because it honestly was ridiculous. The people you never EXPECT to act up, act a YOU KNOW WHAT! I love that you address so many topics that don't come up until things have gone left. I grabbed one for my cousin too!!!

Tiffany H.
Washington, DC

I was a 2021 bride and I ended up just eloping because the planning was literally dividing my family! THE STRESS WAS INSANE!!! I was breaking out and having all kinds of random issues. I can't believe no one thought of this, KUDOS to you. This will change so much for future brides!

Samira C.
Los Angeles, CA

I just got engaged ! As SOON as my engagement celebration was over, people were already asking me all kinds of questions. I'm like can I have a second to MAKE some decisions?! Someone I don't even talk to like that sent me a dm saying they can't wait for my wedding! This guest list is about to be a whole headache. My friend told me about Woosah Bride after she purchased the Elegance bundle for me. I AM SO EXCITED and im so happy this is here to provide the support I need. Hurry up and have some events!! lol

Brittany C.
Atlanta, GA

Listen, I went right on amazon and soon as my fianceé proposed and the planners were NOT IT. I ended up ordering something mad basic and then saw these and had to support. This is super dope for the culture. I can't wait to receive it.

Tori B.
Atlanta, GA

I was not even going to go to the wedding expo because I wasn't feeling the best but I really loved your brand message and the designs were so beautiful so I am so glad I did! The expo was okay but your point about no vendors caring about mental health really stuck with me. This is such a great idea. Can't wait to get the Glamour bundle I ordered!

Tamira A.
Baltimore, MD

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